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Luxury All-Inclusive Vacation Package – Namale Fiji The Fun-Filled Rejuvenation Tour

Traveling to an unknown destination is the best way to regain the energy and enthusiasm that one requires for keeping with the fast paced life. That is why; tourism is one of the largest revenue generating sectors in the world and flourishes solely on the human desire to explore the unknown lands. Adding a seasoning of luxury in the vacation package makes it once-in-a-lifetime experience; isn’t it what the memories should be made of?

Namale Fiji is a romantic gateway that one must visit once. This beautiful part of the world can be explored better with 7-night-all-inclusive package that involves:

Namale resort and spa is one of the best rejuvenating spots in the world and if your aim is to celebrate the just earned milestone and wind yourself down at the end of a hectic schedule. The visit to this resort is certainly the major portion of the vacation as the resort is built in close proximity to natural settings such as gardens, waterfalls etc.

The Fijian hospitality at its best is observed during this stay when they serve their guests the homemade cookies all seven days during the visit. The tourists get complimentary Wi-Fi in the bure and seamless transfer of luggage, etc. is the responsibility of the staff completely.

Priced at $4399 per person, this vacation package is worth considering for honeymoon, weddings, and anniversaries and for making the proposal moment absolutely romantic. Also, when you just want to rejuvenate with your special person in private, this luxury vacation package is worth every dime spent. This is the offer price available till March, 2017.