How to Excel at Interviews


Job interviews are one of the most stressful things you can go through, and it’s not hard to see why. A job interview could be the key to a new life, with higher pay, responsibilities you’re passionate about, or a move to a city you’ve always wanted to work in! A job interview could be the thing that unlocks your ability to buy a house, start a family or get married. You’re also putting yourself up for judgement: even though the interview panel are simply assessing whether you’re a good fit for the role, it’s hard not to take the result personally whether you’re interviewing for jobs at accountancy firms, pharmacy jobs or your first weekend job in a cinema or bookshop.

Today we’re here to help with some hints and tips to help you face interviews with confidence.


It’s important to research the company you’ll be interviewing for – it’s not just helpful to appear informed about the people you’re talking to, it directly impacts your performance. Looking at the aims and priorities of the company you’re interviewing for means you’ll be ready to bring different qualities and anecdotes to the fore to show how you fit those priorities. A company that’s in a growth phase needs someone who’s experienced breaking into new markets and riding out change, and knowing you need to present yourself as this kind of person let’s you feel ready.

Dressing the Part

Something else you need to research is the dress code – while you can rarely go wrong with a suit at an interview, it helps you excel when you can dress in a way that reflects the company culture. It helps if that’s encoded in a written dress code. If not you’ll have to see what you can glean from your research, from contacts, and of course talking to your recruiter or your contact in HR.

Check you have everything you’re planning to wear – realising at short notice the shirt you were planning to wear was actually ruined in an ironing accident weeks earlier is a recipe for worry – and lay it out the night before.

Check Where You’re Going

The night before your interview make sure you know where you’re going. More than one person has been late for their job interview because they thought they knew where they were going and turned out to be wrong.

Check the address well in advance of leaving the house. Make sure you know how you’re getting there – plan a route, and check it the morning of the interview day to make sure it’s not affected by travel disruption. If you can, look the building up on Google Streetview – when you arrive, the entrance may not be where you’re expecting, so some additional research will help avoid a last minute delay.


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