What You Must Know About Organic Meal Replacement Shakes


We all love things which make our dieting easier, and when those things are tasty, that makes our live twice better! There are several drinks that help people obtain a beach body in no time. Not literally, of course. Organic shakes, we replace meals with, really will be useful during a program of severe workouts, but in no case they can replace a full-fledged diet!

But when you decide to go sporty, you have to know key things about those great supplements, enriched with all required vitamins, nutrients, proteins.

What do Organic Meal Replacement Shakes consist of?

In a few words, shakes consist of a bunch of milk protein concentrates, proteins, fiber and flavouring in order to make everything not only healthy, but also tasty. You can check a detailed ingredient list here: http://expertratedreviews.com/gnc-lean-25-review-the-truth-about-this-product/

When do People need Meal Replacement Shakes?

In cases when trainings last longer than three hours, a working shake is surely one of the best ways to keep all of the vitamins and proteins without stopping a session. This allows you to reduce fatigue and shorten the rehabilitation periods necessary after each workout.

Also, shakes are useful in complex hikes, when there is no possibility to consume certain food for a long period of time.

How to choose a Shake?

Selecting shakes, it is worth giving preference to shakes of large, well-known companies that specialize on the production of sports nutrition.

Do not consume shakes that are made by “anonymous” companies and are sold in gyms by dealers “from the corner.” There are many cases when in such drugs, in addition to protein extracts, anabolic steroids and amphetamines were detected. It is clear that the use of a similar protein cocktail will turn into some serious problems.

However, even the best quality protein cocktail should be adjoined to the diet with caution. Protein cocktails sometimes cause an individual intolerance, together with allergic reactions.

Will I Increase Muscle Mass while Drinking Meal-replacement Shakes?

The problem is that muscle growth is a rather complex and durable process. Immediately, the metabolism in the muscles shifts towards catabolism – muscle cells use the glucose and protein substances contained in them.

After the training, the metabolic processes, on the contrary, shifts towards anabolism – an accumulation of glucose and the restoration of the normal amount of protein in the muscles.

Among amateur athletes, the need in protein can be satisfied together with the foods rich in protein. (The main thing is to eat the appropriate food after an hour or two after a workout). The need for an additional protein flow can arise in during a period of particularly intensive training – before the competition. So you can take shakes, but additional trainings and good diet are needed, especially before games and athletic competitions.


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