Harrods Whisky And Truffles – A Luxury Hamper For Special Occasions


The best possible foods and drinks can rightly be called the true fruits of hard work that we do. A luxury life is just unimaginable without good food and a great wine; after all, taking the best care of you and making the best things possible for oneself as well as the loved ones is what true luxury is all about. Among the string of luxury foods and wines, there is a happening offering from Harrods that comprises of Whisky and Whisky Truffles.

This hamper comprising of Harrods Whisky and Truffles is a deadly combination of the best drink possible with liquor chocolates and allows you to indulge into something extraordinary in terms of god quality and excellent taste. The whisky in this combination is actually a 10-year old single malt Scotch whisky by Benromach – a true delicacy! And, the truffles are made of dark chocolate with whisky in the centre and are one of the finest preparations of Food Halls.

Truffles have 43% whisky, and the chocolate portion is prepared by dark chocolates, milk solids, Cocoa mass and Cocoa Butter, emulsifier, Whipped cream, whisky paste and many others. The taste of the truffles is simply mind-boggling and it can be stored for longer periods in refrigerated environment too. However, those people allergic to nuts and lactose, may choose to refrain from these truffles; for such people, Benromach Scotch will fill all the gap.

As they say, the older the whisky the better, this 10 year old handcrafted whisky from Benromach carries all the signs of being a very good mate for a wonderful dinner. Its aroma is quite freshening and registers its presence the moment the bottle is open. It is made at the world’s finest distillery Benromach where the purest spring water from Ramonach hills and Scottish Barley are brewed to make the classiest drink that is sure to linger on your taste buds for very long.

This hamper can make the evening quite delightful and offers you a luxury gift item to present. Even as a package for personal use, this Whisky and Truffles combination is surely going to be your repeat order. Prepared with passion and pride, Food Halls Whisky Dark Chocolate provides apt answer to the 10-year old whisky and stands out in taste, texture and style. Thus, Harrods Luxury Foods and Wines hamper of this kind are surely a must-have. Priced at £65.00 at Harrods, this combination is quite a steal.


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