Mercedes AMG S63 Review


Mercedes S Class very recently got facilitated as the Auto Express Luxury Car of the Year 2016, and there is certainly no second doubt about it being the best. This beautiful, sassy, powerful yet elegant Luxury Sedan has all that takes to become the ruler of the roost and its magnificent performance is a real game-changer capable of taking the world of cars in its stride. Whether it is looks, interiors, performance, or fuel-efficiency, this car stands out in all the departments and deservedly holds the title of being the Best Car in Luxury Segment.

Some of the astonishing features that Mercedes AMG S63 only owns, with great pride are:

  • State-of-the-art air suspension that absorbs all the bumps and jerks making potholes totally non-existent from the experience of the occupant. Such smooth drive is the result of Magic Ride Control that comprises of making use of cameras to scan the road and to proactively offer unprecedented control.
  • Long wheel base offers exceptionally large rear space and reclining chairs add magnificently to the elite class experience defined by splendid comfort provided by stylish interiors.
  • V6 diesel engine ensures agility in its drive and this car works better than other cars half its size when it comes to acceleration.
  • This ageless car with futuristic technology is available in a selected few variants differentiated by plug-in petrol, traditional diesel, traditional petrol and hybrid diesel/electric engine types. Thus, you can select the S Class that suits your requirements the best.
  • Mercedes S class is made weather-proof with four zone climate control that allows you to stay cozy inside this vehicle, no matter what the weather is outside. Thus, you have full control on the experience you want to have inside this car beating the weather fluctuations literally in true sense.
  • Leather trim seats, carpeted floors and automatic control doors and windows are some of the finest body features that make it an enigma still to be fully explored, no matter how many times you hop on it.

Mercedes AMG S 63 Sedan offers an experience rather than a road trip and is surely going to draw you back to the car long after the travel is over.


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