Putting the “Fun” in Fundraiser


Our country has many great causes and charities. Anything from your local preschool to a nationwide organization requires money to operate. So we throw fundraisers. Silent auctions, telethons, and benefit performances are wonderful ways to raise money while also entertaining potential donors. A key to throwing a fantastic fundraiser is bringing in fun games and exciting events. Anything from a concert to a pie-throwing competitions will get your guests joining in. Fundraisers can also raise awareness about your organization and work to get the community involved. Follow these easy steps to throw a fabulous event.

First Steps

Putting on any big event is a big undertaking. You must take several steps to success before the actual event. First, you must decide what the event’s goal will be. While all fundraisers exist to make money, some may have other motives, as well, such as introducing a new organization or getting the community more involved in its endeavors. Plan accordingly to ensure proper awareness and engagement. You must consider how much you hope to raise and how much is a reasonable amount to expect. Within this, you must determine an overall budget for the event itself.

Event planning requires a motivated and organized team. Divide the labor and make sure everyone feels qualified and excited about their job. A fundraiser requires marketing. Find a team member who can get the word out and bring in new patrons. You also may need to run through the plan for the actual day of the fundraiser. If you’re putting on a show, host rehearsals, or if you’re using arcade game rentals, be sure someone knows how they operate. Preparation will be key to throwing a good event.

How to Bring in the Money

The number one reason people donate money to an organization is simply because they were asked. Sometimes a simple question of whether someone is willing to pay five or even ten dollars will bring in that extra money for your organization. Don’t be shy about the fact that the goal of your event is to raise money. It can help to show your donors exactly what they are helping to sponsor. Maybe involve testimonials about how their money impacts the kids in the area or whatever cause you’re patronizing. Also, always show appreciation for donors, as a simple thank-you can go a very long way. Keep in mind that without your supporters, your charity might not be thriving. By charging admission to an event, you’ll raise money. But going the extra mile to make all your supporters feel valued and appreciated will allow your financial support to grow and flourish.

Another great way to bring in money is through auctions. If you can have local businesses donate to your cause, you can sell their goods and services to raise money. Auction off tickets to a show or dance lessons in Minneapolis, MN. You have endless possibilities, and individuals are more likely to give generously if they receive something exciting in return.

How to Bring in the Fun

Hosting a event can start a tradition and entertain your guests. So make sure fun is a key element in your fundraiser. Sometimes this may involve putting yourself in a funny position. If you have dunk tank rentals or a “pie someone in the face” contest, you may have to be on the receiving end of an unwanted bath or some whipped cream in your hair. But you better believe that your friends and family will spend good money on those pies. Hundreds of fun fundraiser ideas are out there, so find one you’re excited about and get planning.


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