12 Secrets Of Budget Couple Traveling Around The World


You do not have to give up your dreams and wanderlust if there aren’t thousands of dollars in your pocket to spend on a world tour. Modern traveling can be super affordable – you only need to know how to economize on the simplest things. See what you can do right now!

  1. Travel off-season. Yes, there are places where the weather is great all year round, like San-Diego, Canary, or Malaga. But most destinations do have travel seasons. Their duration depends on the particular country’s climate and this is why prices rise and fall. Everything, from accommodation to museum tickets, is several times cheaper during an off-season. Don’t underestimate your opportunities! Paris is nice in November and the sun shines in Thailand in August in spite of short heavy rains.
  2. Buy air tickets wisely. There are many other possibilities apart from flying off-peak. Book your trips well ahead, decide in favor of low-cost air fares, and find out how to upgrade to business class for cheap or free. Thus, you’ll be able to economize even on longhaul flights to the other corner of the planet!
  3. Cover several destinations at one time. Plan your routes carefully and your money will be safe. For instance, you can fly to Milan and easily get from there to Venice or Lugano, Switzerland, by car. The principle is simple: you arrive at some gateway and explore all the nearby attractions. You should just make a bucket list in order to not waste your time.
  4. Get a travel bank card. To avoid paying fees for foreign transactions and currency exchange, choose a travel-friendly bank. Some of them offer impressive sign-up bonuses – it’s pretty much like miles accrual with co-branded cards that most airlines validate. You get a certain number of points to convert into money that will help partially cover your travel expenses.
  5. Buy an international SIM card. When you are on a long vacation, there is a need to keep in touch with your friends and family members and even manage some business issues. There are providers that offer regional or global coverage as well as much lower call, text, and data rates so take the advantage.
  6. Rent Pocket Wi-Fi. Modern travelers can barely imagine their lives without the Internet – the entire process goes mobile. Traveling throughout Europe or Japan, you can purchase a portable Wi-Fi router that will protect you from data roaming fees. Such routers typically connect to all your devices; some of them also work as power banks
  7. Don’t stay in hotels. I bet you travel in order to open new horizons, not to spend 24/7 in some fancy hotel room. Most likely, you only sleep there at night. Nowadays, you can stay in guest houses or hostels of all possible kinds. They aren’t just cheaper but also provide more relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Shop for food. Do you really need to eat at a restaurant every single time? To become part of local life, you can actually go to supermarkets and marketplaces, where tons of fresh products are available. Another reason to go to grocery stores is that you can diversify your romantic traveling program: a picnic is one of the greatest date ideas ever!
  9. Decide in favor of local cuisine. You will never immerse in any culture if you don’t try its traditional meals. Besides, local foods, no matter where you buy them, are always cheaper than most foreign dishes. Keep in mind that lunches are typically served for lower prices than dinners so let your lunch be your biggest meal.
  10. Rent bikes instead of cars or use public transport. Of course, you sometimes just have to go by car but it’s possible to reach most nearby attractions without it. Apart from saving your money, this will help you maintain a good shape – cars aren’t the safest kind of vehicles, are they? Likewise, a bike trip across the city allows you to see much more since you can ride practically everywhere.
  11. Look for SRO tickets or free admission days. Attend museums and galleries or major historical sites at the right time! Comfort isn’t the biggest value of our life; there is nothing terrible about sacrificing it. You gain experience and extend your knowledgeability and this is what really matters.
  12. Get along with locals. This is another must-do thing if you wish to build a mental connection with any place. Well, mingling with other strangers is important too but locals can provide you with valuable information and tips e.g. where to have a great romantic dinner for cheap, what off-the-beaten attractions to see, or how to find some exclusive souvenirs. Thanks to our friends from dating site J4L.com for providing this article.

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