Get Around In Style This Summer


Summer is all about movement and travel. We like to get outside and spend time around town, exercise a little bit more, and go on trips whenever possible. This is ultimately why so many people enjoy summer more than any other season. But getting out and about is one thing; doing it in style is quite another.

Below we’re going to look at a few ideas for how to exercise, move about, and travel in style this season. A few of them might just help you have more fun with what remains of the summer.

Try Wool Sneakers

Whether you’re just eyeing some long walks on warm summer afternoons, or you’re committing to a new running routine, you might want to try out some new sneakers. And it just so happens that some of the trendier (and frankly, cooler) options out there are wool sneakers. These shoes profess to be the most comfortable you’ll ever set foot in, and while they may not be as durable or supportive as some other options, their boast isn’t too far off. Wool sneakers are new, stylish, and different, and can make you a little more enthusiastic about those long summer walks and runs. Just make sure they’re working well for your feet – not many things are worse than running in the wrong shoes!

Bike Sustainably

We think of biking as a sustainable activity, and relative to other forms of transportation that tends to be true. But not all bicycles are actually made with sustainable materials and processes. And given that eco-friendliness is both trendy and good for the environment, you ought to be on the lookout for the bikes that are best made from a green perspective. There are a lot of options out there, but bikes made from bamboo are among them, and make for some pretty cool options. If you ever go on bike rides with friends or out to public places, they’re sure to be fun talking points in addition to sharp-looking and environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Embrace The Sea

If you’re near a body of water and you like to spend time swimming or renting boats during the summer, consider simply intensifying your commitment this summer. The ability to buy boats online, or at least research different options, has arguably made it easier than ever to have your own vessel, which naturally means you’re spending your time out on the water in style. You can find the watercraft of your choice, find a price you’re okay with, and set about making it your own for long days out on the ocean, lake, or whatever else you may be near.

Get To The Airport In Style

A lot of our summer movement and adventure tends to be focused on actual travel, between states or overseas. That usually means taking a flight or two, and it’s hard to really feel like you’re traveling in style when you’re going through the hassle of catching your flight on time. That said, a professional car service can solve both of these problems at a fairly reasonable price – helping to feel stylish as well as less worried about getting there on time. It’s a win-win, and a nice way to treat yourself during a summer trip.

Try Flight Rewards

Finally, if you want to experience the ultimate stylish mode of getting around – first class air travel – you might want to consider looking into flight rewards. To be clear, this isn’t a recommendation that you rush out and buy the first credit card you see that can help you to rack up miles. More should go into a credit card purchase than consideration for airline miles. That said, it is an option, and there are also plenty of other reward schemes out there for those who might be interested. It requires a little bit of research, but you can probably find a few ways to get yourself closer to affordable first class travel.


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