4 UTV Accessories For Summer 2017


Summer is upon us, and that means it’s time to bust the UTV out of the garage and throw off its fabric covering. Before you hit the road, however, you should know about the latest and greatest accessories for UTVs. There are some really sweet mods out there, and they can be yours if you’re willing to shell out the dough!

  1. Custom Seats

Is there anything worse than your bare skin sticking to the plastic or fake leather of your UTV seats? Actually, yes, there’s something even more uncomfortable: the backaches that come from a poorly-fitted seat after hours of driving. The good news is that you can eradicate both of these problems by investing in customized bucket seats that fit inside your vehicle like a glove. Not only will they improve your driving experience with less sweat-sticking, but they’ll also be better for your long-term spinal health.

  1. Side Mirrors

UTV side view mirrors serve a dual purpose. On one hand, they’re necessary safety features when you’re backing up, swerving around obstacles or just checking to see which of your slow-dragging friends are currently eating your dust. On the other hand, they can also be great style accents if you buy mirrors with particular colors or frames. Don’t be afraid to think “big and bold” during your side view mirror shopping.

  1. Cab Enclosures

They’ve always been trendy, but cab enclosures are especially popular right now for UTV owners who have valuable tech installed in their vehicle. No one wants to lose a stereo or GPS unit to the heat, so cab enclosures are put over the entire UTV to protect everything inside. Some people mistakenly think that cab enclosures are only useful for winter, but the truth is that they’re multi-season tools for the side-by-side owner who wants to be careful.

  1. Rider Apparel

This one is cheating a little since it’s for you and not your vehicle, but rider gear has become a hot way to declare yourself as a serious UTV owner. Whether it’s a dust suit, air helmet or pair of professional driving goggles, there are many ways that you can outfit yourself for a day of racing or off-roading. Which will suit you best? Drop by a website with side-by-side accessories to find out. Even if you don’t purchase anything right away, you can at least see what’s out there.

These are just a few mods that will turn your UTV into something out of Need for Speed. You don’t have to be a Hollywood hero to boast a good ride, so use this list when considering the newest, coolest upgrades for UTV ownership in 2017.


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