Fashion Travellers-It’s Time To Get Ready For PFW!

Fashion Travellers-It’s Time To Get Ready For PFW!

Travelling is usually liked by everyone but there are many for whom travelling and exploring different places is a passion and interests them greatly. For many people, travelling to different places across the globe is their ultimate goal.

Have you ever wondered that travel can be associated with fashion? Yes, you heard it correct! The people who are fashion oriented or who love to live in style and also have a passion to explore different places do exist.

Such people not only have good knowledge about the ongoing fashion trends but also have a great study background in fashion from yesteryears up till today.

Moreover, these people also love to find out the fashion tips and trending fashion in different destinations. This basically increases their knowledge base and they do make people aware about the same.

In fact, such people love to travel to various fashion places around the globe. Some of the fashion-filled places are as follows:

  1. London, England
  2. New York, US
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Paris, France
  5. Madrid, Spain
  6. Rome, Italy
  7. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  8. Milan, Italy
  9. Los Angeles, US
  10. Berlin, Germany
  11. Antwerpen, Belgium
  12. Hong Kong, China
  13. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. Bali, Indonesia
  15. Sydney, Australia
  16. Florence, Italy
  17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  18. Johannesburg, South Africa
  19. Singapore
  20. Tokyo, Japan

Usually, these people are categorised under fashion tourism section. This sector comprises three major sectors and those are creative tourism, cultural tourism and shopping tourism.

The fashion tourism is also defined as “the interaction between Destination Marketing Organisations, trade associations, tourism suppliers and host communities with people travelling to and visiting a particular place for business or may be leisure to enjoy, experiment, discover, study, trade, communicate about and consummate fashion in a true sense.

Apart from people with passion about fashion and travelling both, the people who are mostly involved in such combinations are fashion designers and people who are doing research in changing fashion trends with changing times.

Travelling and finding visible fashion on high-end streets, small towns, villagers, tribal societies and almost every other place that you can think of can be a contributor in this whole initiative of fashion travelling.

If you are also one such person or an avid traveller with great fashion sense or you really wish to experience a great feeling by travelling to some most popular fashion destinations. Interestingly, you can do that in a cost effective budget. You must be thinking that how it is possible. It is possible if you hire and get your air tickets done with a no-frills airline.

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