Why People Choose Sundarban As Best Tourist Destination?

sunderbans tiger tour

One of the largest delta and UNESCO’s world heritage site is none other than Sundarban, a very popular and incredible destination across India and Bangladesh that covers 10,200 sq km of Mangrove forest. The name Sundarban is derived from a large number of sundari trees. Within the Indian Territory, it is in the southern part of West Bengal and known as Sundarbans National Park, with the popular wildlife sanctuary.

It is considered as the best tourist destination as there are wildlife resorts, hotels, jungle camps, forest lodges etc. Sundarban Tour provides you all the luxurious as well as reasonable priced Sundarban Tour  Package for 2 Nights and 3 Days.

Feel the Positivity of Sundarban Tour

This is the best place where you can find every beauty of nature only at single place. Here you will find flora, fauna, Aqua fauna, Avifauna, endangered species, reptiles, marine mammals, all found in one place.

Sundarban Tour would make your every moment memorable by let you indulge in the activities such as you can view the island of Kanak, bird species at paradisiacal Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, Old Shiva temple at Netidhopani and a holy dip at the Gangasagar.

Here you will have a glimpsed of the Royal and very eminent Bengal Tigers and other endangered species like olive ridley turtle, dolphins of river Ganges, saltwater crocodile, Rock python, Cobra, Water Monitor etc. Experience the exotic woodland by boat ride as it will take you through the deep swamps to experience the beauty of biosphere reserve.

Have a wonderful traveling in the boat amidst of forest where the tigers and wild animals used to roam, evening folk dances and buffet style tasty food.

Experience the Best Tourist Destinations of Sundarban Tour

  • Sajnakhali Sanctuary: This is famous for its rich avian population. It is a part of Sundarban National Park which is the kingdom of birds. You will see a variety of bird species, seven colorful species of Kingfisher, Plovers, Curfews, Lap-wings, white bellied Sea Eagle, occasional Pelican and Sandpipers.
  • Bhagabatpur: famous for having a hatchery of the largest estuarine crocodiles in the world.
  • Kanak: The incredible place where Olive Ridley Turtles resides.
  • Haliday Island: It is located in the south zone of Sundarban, which is often visited by most of the tourists to spot the Barking Dear.
  • Piyali: Its gateway to Sundarban, it’s a small river that flows through the green paddy field and combines with the river Matla. It is a famous romantic holiday destination, where you can have a boat ride, bird watching and relish the life of village.
  • Kaikhali: You can’t miss this island because of its incredible nature and a best picnic spot.

There are other tourist places in Sundarban that you should miss out. Take some time from your busy schedule or you can also spend your weekend here and connect to the nature.

For booking, contact Sundarban Tour and experience the complete wildlife journey in a more erotic way. You can visit Sundarban by air as the nearest airport is Kolkata, 112km from Sundarban, by train as the nearest railhead is Canning, 48 km from Sundarban, by road and also by cruise for 1 Night and 2 Days or 2 Nights and 3 Days. So if want to escape from your busy life schedule and want a peace then connect to the nature of Sundarban and enjoy this Sundarban Package Tour.


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