How To Spend A Weekend In Vegas

How To Spend A Weekend In Vegas

A weekend in the home of casinos. What next? You find yourself in Las Vegas whether planned or unplanned and you wonder what to do over the weekend. Don’t worry because there are lots of things ranging from casino gaming to sporting activities.

If you need help concerning how to spend a weekend in Vegas, read this guide as our expert Lucas Goldberg (view profile) has highlighted some key takeaways.

What’s the perfect way to spend your weekend?

The best way to get the most out of your Las Vegas Weekend is by dividing your plan into days. That will allow you to know what to do at any particular period. Here is how to do it.

Day One: Morning

One unique aspect of Las Vegas is that time is not valued. Also, time is not a key determinant of what is to be eaten as it happens in other places including Canada. Start your day on a fresh note by taking a heartwarming breakfast.

But it’s not mandatory as you can eat what is in line with your mood for the day. If you want to eat eggs after sunrise, it will be a perfect option since the eateries offer more than what you think.

After that, choose where you want to go. A perfect place to head to in the morning hours is the boulevard. You will be astonished by the massive number of people you will find there including the movie characters.

How To Spend A Weekend In Vegas


If it is your first afternoon, it will be a perfect opportunity to explore some of the top Asian restaurants there. They have top chefs that will excellently serve your needs.

The city also has some of the best restaurants, such as Lotus of siam. There are also amazing dishes such as Khao Soi. You will find a good menu when you walk into any of the restaurants in Las Vegas, coupled with exceptional service by the chefs. After you have eaten and feel full, head back to the strip and explore further.


How would you love to spend your 24 hours in Vegas? Watching the sunsets, partying, or sleeping. All those needs are taken care of once you are in Vegas. There are also top-class restaurants that have the best gaming lounge if you are passionate gamers. A good instance is the Psalm casino restaurant.

The hotel underwent a renovation amounting to about $690 million, making it a top preference among many players. You can also grab a glass of wine as you try to make new friends that you sit with at the table.

The hotel’s best aspect is that the visitors enjoy free Wi-Fi as they do their things online. You will even play casino games Canada without many obstacles as you enjoy your meals and drinks.

Once you are through with your meal, take a walk across the city to understand what the Las Vegas nightlife sounds like.

How To Spend A Weekend In Vegas

Day two: Morning

After having an enjoyable night, wake up at any seafood restaurant such as Herringbone. They work throughout the weekend just to give their customers the experience they need. Also, get a view of the city from the restaurant.

This is the day that you can plan on the things to do on Sunday in Vegas. Many people rarely find the opportunity because the city is ever busy. But weekends are the best times.


The Vegas weekend is the best time to relax as you prepare for a new week. The perfect option is heading to a day club that will give you the thrilling experience you need. Enchore Beach Cub is among the top clubs to consider at that time of the day.

Also, check with other hotels to see what they have in terms of pricing. But one thing about the Las Vegas restaurants is the affordability of most meals. You will be served an interesting meal together with amazing drinks that will make your day excellent and give you the relaxing feeling you need.


Considering that you will be getting into a new week, find somewhere to rest and recap about the weekend alongside what you anticipate about the fresh week ahead. Grab an early dinner and catch up with your favourite movie to help you relax your mind. Listening to some cool rhythmic songs is also a perfect way of getting done with the weekend.

From the above ideas, it’s evident that amazingly spending your weekend while in Las Vegas is possible at the most affordable costs. Never have a boring one when you have such tips at your fingertips.


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