Sanoma Luxury Wines and Food Pairings – For those who prefer good life


Sanoma County in California is the hub of Luxury wines and foods as the wineries here are doing something extraordinary to extend an exceptionally warm treatment to their visitors. The ace winery here, known as Chalkhill Estate vineyards and Winery Healdsburg, offers a captivating The Culinary Tastings that comprise of taking a tour to the vineyards and eating in the lap of Mother Nature while the food is presented in some of the most exclusive presentations to make the experience all the more exciting and memorable. When you want to feel special and are looking for a break, this Luxury Wine and Food tour is just the right escapade from the façade that prevails everywhere in city life.

Chalkhill Estate is a 1,300 – acre property blending with the foothills of Mayacamas Mountains. The visitors get to enjoy maritime breezes, country-like atmosphere and above all, the riveting treatment of the hospitality experts who are trained to present the best food and wine to the visitors in the most exclusive manner. They go extra mile to make the visitors feel special and the clean, crisp but handcrafted ways of preparing the wine and food make this trip all the more extra-ordinary.

Food mostly comprises of the ingredients from culinary gardens of the state where organically farmed food items are transformed into some of the most delightful delicacies and presented in style to offer sumptuous meal to the customers. The food is arranged in a number of small plates and offered with artisan wines developed at the in-house distilleries of Chalkhill vineyards where the organically farmed vines are transformed into a savory drink that requires the taster to pay full attention and savor each flavor-filled sip.

Thus, right from the food to the wine and also the way of serving it – everything oozes magnanimity and transports the customer into another world full of purity, laden with raw appeal. Organically farmed food items and in-house vines make great luxury food and wine combination that every connoisseur should include in his to-do list. Sanoma County offers tailor-made culinary tour and tasting from Tuesday through Saturday, with the visit due to start at 10 a.m.

Costing $120 per person, it is the finest way to spend a day of leisure in the lap of nature in its best form with naturally prepared wine and organic food adding sumptuous appeal to the whole experience that is sure to stay with you for almost forever.


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