Dior Grand Soir Watch Review


A collector’s Paradise, baptized with Dior’s tradition of excellence and expertise, this time keeper is a curious case of never-seen-before carving excellence. This designer luxury watch redefines the adeptness in watch-making and employs the unrivalled passion of in-house craftsmen of Dior who put their best kept secret designing skills in making of these master-pieces. Dior Grand Soir Luxury time-pieces are a class on their own and have a plethora of undeniably perfect features that put them in ‘elitists’ favorites’ category.

Dior Grand Soir Watch has these eye-smacking features that make them timeless attention seekers:

  • All Dior Grand Soir luxury watches are made using designs put manually on pen and paper, allowing them to be as elaborate as possible. That is why; dials of watches are splendidly carved and have dramatic twist to conventional hour marks.
  • The dial set is made with hand-painted yellow gold and mother-of-pearl and is adorned further with diamonds. Yellow gold flanges and hour and minute hands define luxury in its ultimate glory and offer you a watch that is exceptionally brilliant in material as well as make.
  • Such brilliantly designed dial is supported by equally mesmerizing bracelet made of alligator strap. The strap is secured with folding clasp that also has the exuberance of real diamonds. Beauty knows no limit in this Dior time-piece where world-class timeless material and unrivalled craftsmanship come together to offer its patrons a real charismatic time keeper.
  • Dior Grand Sior performs basic function of time keeping, that is, tells hours and minutes only; unlike other luxury watches that boast windows on dial displaying date and sometimes, day too, but whatever it does, it does with ultimate perfection.
  • Automatic movement saves the labor of setting the watch according to time; the movement is supported by polished yellow gold oscillating weight.
  • The watch is provided with 50-hour power reserve so that your time-keeper is always alive and kicking helping you keep measure of every second that you spend sleeping as well as awake.

Dior Grand Soir timepiece is available only at boutiques. Endowed with Swiss manufacturing expertise, flawless design and premium quality material, this luxury watch is sophistication exemplified. This stylish watch is made fit to complement the rich palate of high-class connoisseurs who are in true love with perfection. This watch is one unique piece only and so when you buy this watch you are the only owner of this master-piece.


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