Is a Speeding Ticket an Offense and How To Fight It!


Speed limits differ in each state and the severity of a speeding offense is based on a variety of factors, such as your driving record or if you caused an accident. Receiving a speeding ticket for the first time simply for driving over the limit is typically an infraction, a minor offense that results in a fine or traffic school. Minor speeding violations, however, can add points to your driving record, which increases insurance rates and the chances of a license suspension. A speeding ticket could also be classified as a misdemeanor offense with a fine and jail time depending on where the citation was issued or if a serious injury occurred. If your speeding resulted in somebody’s death, it could be a felony offense with a much more severe punishment.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are a common occurrence and can be contested in the traffic court where the citation was issued. As more lasers, radars and cameras are installed to automatically detect speeding, there is a greater chance of drivers being issued a ticket in error. The best thing to do when considering your options to fight a traffic charge is to begin thinking “where is there a speeding ticket lawyer near me?” – you may need to straighten this out in court. There are valid defenses that can be used to reduce the punishment or dismiss the charge. All drivers are also innocent until proven guilty and you can assert your innocence by pleading “Not Guilty” and requesting a trial.

An experienced traffic lawyer can argue your case based on:

  • An emergency situation
  • The effects of traffic or road conditions
  • A mistake made by the charging officer
  • A speed trap with a faulty design
  • Malfunctioning cameras, lasers or radar
  • Witnesses testifying on your behalf

Don’t Delay in Contacting an Attorney

Having an experienced traffic ticket lawyer with you when you show up in court can make a big difference. When the issue is maintaining your driving privileges or lessening the punishment, your best option is to contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you can.


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