Business Process Management System


Many outstanding researchers consider BPM approach as one of the most effective ways to make your company correspond to the modern ever-changing business environment. In order to implement BPM techniques and methods successfully, you need a BPM system.

The meaning of BPM

Business Process Management is a business approach based on the idea of optimizing your daily business processes. Even non-production companies have a huge number of processes that run simultaneously. Letting those processes go out of hand leads us to operational costs. Of course, the main task of every manager is to decrease operational costs, and this is where Business Process Management system comes in handy.

BPM clears the way for better visibility over your business processes. It provides companies with the possibility to see the overall picture of business performance. It is a good opportunity to safely manage processes that come across departments and application boundaries.

Processes change over time. Business Process Management systems like bpm’online CRM software allows you to adapt processes in order to meet your changing business needs, which is especially convenient for fast-growing companies. Business Process Management allows you to implement business processes quickly and easily. Using BPM techniques will give you the opportunity to safely expand your company increase the performance of every department.

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Business Process Management System

The benefits of using a Business Process Management system

There are companies that prefer to work old-school, however, the number of those companies decreases every day. More and more businesspersons recognize the advantage of using modern technologies in order to increase their business efficiency. It simply makes no sense to use outdated tools for business process visualization. This will slow you down and give your competitors an opportunity to outperform you. The intentional neglect of Business Process Management systems can be equated to sabotage.

To understand all the benefits of a Business Process Management system we need to find out what do we expect it to do. Using BPM systems can help you with:

  • Business process planning
  • Monitoring ongoing processes
  • Hotfix
  • Business process analysis

Before staring a process, you need to think about every step of the operation. You need to have a clear vision of the process and be sure that you know about all pitfalls that you must avoid. .

When the process is started, you need to have a chance to monitor it. You need to have a visual representation of this process. This way you will always know at which step your process is right now. This is especially important when you have many ongoing processes and you need to quickly understand the situation without diving deeply into the details.

In case something goes wrong, you need to react very fast and fix the situation before this mistake leads to any expenses. Of course, it is impossible to prevent all risks at the planning stage. This is why you need powerful hotfixing tools.

After the process is successfully finished and the organizational goal is achieved we need to take a closer look at this process and see if something could be done better.  BPM approach teaches us that there is always place for improvement. Powerful analysis tools is a must-have for any BPM system.

Business Process Management System

Choosing the best BPM system

Today the market is filled with products, however it can be hard to understand, which software will fit your requirements. To understand what system we need, first we need to define what is a good BPM platform.

A good program needs to be:

  • Flexible
  • Simple
  • Safe


People that don’t work in your company can’t develop a perfect software for you because they don’t know your specific requirements and your business model. They can build something that most businesspeople in this industry would use, however, this is not effective because each company is unique and has its own approach. In this situation, it would be wise to choose a flexible system that can be adapted to any company size and business model.


Although some of your employees might have a technical background, most of them have none. This is why your system has to be very simple. A person with zero programing skills must be able to set the system and use it. If the software will be very complicated, it would take forever to integrate it. Complicated software will slow down your productivity instead of increasing it.


The software you use must be safe and reliable. This is quite obvious, however, often people use low-quality products because they are cheap. Even though you might save a dollar today, you will lose a thousand tomorrow because you have entrusted your confidential information to doubtful developers. You need to be very careful and use reliable software that has already proven its effectiveness and safeness.


There is a product on the market that meets all mentioned criteria. BPM’online is flexible and simple, yet powerful tool. It is a BPM system that has built-in CRM instruments. It is easy to install and easy to use. Also, it is well-known and has a large community around it. The benefits of this system are countless and you can easily set it up for any company’s type. This powerful tool combines planning, monitoring and analysis instruments.

CRM is as much important as BPM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is business philosophy that makes your client your main priority. BPM’online allows you to create a database with all clients and keep personalized profiles for each of them. You will have all the information regarding your client in front of you any time.

BPM’online is a cloud-based system. This means that you can reach your database from any device and from any part of the world. You do not have to be in front of your computer to be able to communicate with your customers. Even if all your local computers go down, you can still have your information saved on a cloud and it can be restored any time.


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