Pampering Ideas for Wet Weekends


With the end of July, the end of the heatwave has also come, and late August often sets minds thinking about the autumn and winter. We’ve all enjoyed the chance to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors, from beach weekends to local parks, but as we head into the last months of the year, it’s time to start thinking out about what to do when the weather closes in and you have to keep yourself entertained and pampered as the rain beats down outside.

Today we’re suggesting a couple of ideas to get you inspired and start facing the wet weather of autumn with excitement instead of foreboding!

Spas and Clinics

As far as your skin is concerned the autumn is an ideal respite from the scorching, skin drying temperatures and UV rays of summer, and the freezing winds of winter. That makes it a great time to repair any summer damage to your skin and make sure you’re really ready for winter with a session at a local aestheticians like the Skinsmiths Skin Clinic Wimbledon or a spa. This also gives you a chance to feel totally pampered and taken care of, and if you can coordinate with friends it’s a chance to take some time together to catch up too.

It’s an ideal way to while away a wet weekend in the autumn, and it leaves you feeling, and looking, better into the bargain.

Relaxing at Home

Booking in elsewhere isn’t always an option so make sure you’re ready to pamper yourself at home – you can switch up your normal skin care routines to make sure they’re really ready for autumn, but the key to really relaxing at home is stepping away from your normal routine. If you simply repeat the same drill you put yourself through as you rush to get to work on a weekday morning, you’ll invoke the spectre of that stress rather than the spirit of relaxation.

If you normally shower, a short (or long) bath is a great way to start this rainy day routine off, not merely signalling that this is different to your normal dash out the door, but also giving you the time and space to get to work with luxurious, moisturising bath oils, body lotions and other products you can reserve especially for this relaxing, pampering routine.

The great benefit of this approach is that you don’t have to book anything in advance – you’re in charge of where and when this peaceful day of pampering takes place, so enjoy.


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