The Best Of VIP Nightlife In Dubai And Ibiza


There are only a handful of cities around the world that offer amazing VIP nightlife, these cities get much better after the sun has set. Two great examples of cities with the hottest nightlife are Dubai and Ibiza. These happening cities are renowned for attracting the young, rich and posh crowd from all over the world, including world class DJs, performers, and A-list celebrities.

  If this year you are looking for new exciting VIP clubbing spots in other cities around the world to broaden your horizon then we suggest you make a stop at one of your hottest VIP nightlife venue selections in either Ibiza or Dubai and you will not be disappointed.

Let’s take a closer look the most happening VIP clubs in two amazing cities- Ibiza and Dubai:

Dubai VIP Nightlife

Dubai has an abundance of high-end nightclubs and VIP nightlife venue as you can see on Wikipedia. Some might even say that the city is saturated with elite clubs, but even in a city with so many choices there are some top players that stand out and offer an unparalleled VIP clubbing experience that is second to none.

Contact a reliable Dubai clubs table booking service before you go to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your VIP clubbing in Dubai.

White Dubai

WHITE Dubai is among the top elite class clubs of Dubai that as a high-tech and avant-garde outdoor rooftop space that has become the ultimate go-to party destination for the VIP local and tourist crowd. On days when the weather is perfect White is the best place to begin your VIP evening escapades in the finest way possible. At the club you will mingle with a high-energy crowd, dancing to exceptional music under the starts creating amazing feel-good vibe will appeal to all.

Base Dubai

If you want to experience the VIP nightlife of Dubai at its finest then Base Dubai is the club for you. The Base club is Dubai can best be described as a super-venue with a multi-level open-air layout that include VIP tables for those who wish to experience the best that this VIP venue has to offer.

 BASE delivers an international level immersive, exhilarating and exceptional experience that is similar to boutique festival or concert all thanks to the state-of-the-art sound, light and pyrotechnic system.

The VIP lounge at Base Dubai offers guests a five-star service standard that increase the pleasure of experiencing all that Base B=Dubai has to offer.

Cavalli Dubai

Cavalli Dubai is rated as one of the top 15 World’s 100 Best Clubs. Located in the center of Dubai’s financial district, Cavalli offers all its guests an amazing clubbing experience with its amazing exuberance and flair. The club is also a restaurant and lounge so guest can enjoy an entire evening in the stunningly designed club with high-end architecture with high-end finish.

Ibiza Night Life

Ibiza VIP nightlife is the height of exclusivity and extravagance. Over the years, the island of Ibiza has established itself as a prime location for partygoers looking to enjoy the best the world of VIP clubbing has to offer.

Ushuaia Ibiza

Ushuaia Ibiza offers the ultimate in VIP clubbing experience on the beach. We suggest that you book your Ushuaia Ibiza club tables ASAP if you plan to experience the VIP nightlife at its greatest. The club offers an amazing experience with a stunning dance floor, state of the art sound system and performances by top-tiered local along with fantastic food and drinks. Ushuaia Ibiza delivers an unforgettable VIP clubbing experience under the sky.

Hi Ibiza

A multi-award winning club that attracts A-listers from around the world, HI, Ibiza is a VIP club unlike any other both locally and internationally. Hi Ibiza is known to hold amazing large scale parties and events on a regular basis that feature many internationally known electronic music DJ performances. Hundreds of elite locals and tourists enjoy amazing VIP nights out at the Hi Ibiza every year.

Amnesia Ibiza

Amnesia Ibiza is hands down is one of the most popular clubs in Ibiza and for good reason. The club offers an amazing VIP clubbing experience that includes great music, food, drinks and an elite crowd all provided at a stunning location. To make the most out of your clubbing experience at Amnesia you might want to book a VIP table in advance through a reliable Ibiza VIP services to avoid any inconvenience.


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