Don’t Let a Small Budget Get in the Way of Exploring the World!


There are very few life-changing experiences quite like traveling the world. Whether it’s a week in Korea, a month in Canada, or a year making your way through Central America, the sights and lifestyles you encounter will adjust your world perspective. Unfortunately, too many would-be travelers never get to experience this because of a silly thing like money. If this sounds like you; it’s all about to change.

Never Discount Organized Tours

Many people automatically discount tours for being ‘party hubs’ or ‘travel and take photo’ affairs. However, if you look for the right tours, you will find groups that can take you to a multitude of hard to reach places for a small amount of money. Look for options which cross small neighboring countries, like Central America. By simply walking across a border, tour groups can save you serious cash.

Travel Light. Real Light.

Many of the cheap flights you see advertised on TV don’t include checked baggage. This often turns people off before they even think about the idea of living out of a carry-on. However, you can easily get a week’s worth of items into a carry-on bag. Start with the Groupon Coupons page for Lakeside Collection for travel sized toiletries, then work your way from there. Rolling your clothes will save you lots of space, as will wearing your bulkier footwear on the plane. Take a serious look at your luggage and see just how small you can get it.

Packages Are King

If you are looking online at flights, see what other options the airline can offer you. Hotels, car hire, tour groups, they’re all available for discount prices if you are happy to pay upfront and book them all at the same time that you book your flight.

Eat, Travel, and Sleep Like a Local

Do you know what costs a lot of money in a foreign country? Familiar food items. Instead of eating at familiar chains, find street food stands where locals are lining up and join the queue. Speak with the people in line; they’re the best ones to give you advice on local travel such as trains and busses that can keep your costs down.

Don’t let the perception of needing a lot of money to travel the world stop you from exploring all there is to see. Along with these tips, speak with friends who have traveled on a tight budget before for their advice and enjoy the life-changing experiences to come!



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