Chanel Clothing Review


‘A girl should be both – classy and fabulous’, this famous fashion quote by Chanel founder Coco Chanel reflects in each and every cloth that is sold under this iconic luxury brand label. This classy fashion label saw the light of the day in 1909; the journey has become more magnificent and more influential with each passing day since its inception. Chanel is the brand of style icons that rule the fashion scene and redefine style with their uber-sensational sense of clothing.

Clothes are supposed to make personalities, and Chanel does the job with quality beyond satisfaction. Chanel is the brand of divas who want to dress like princesses one day, and just want to be their casual self the other day. Thus, you find a versatile range of formal midi, knee-length, floor-length dresses each of which are given an interesting twist in the shape of frills, laces etc. that help fashionistas stand out in the crowd.

Chanel clothing line is for all the weathers ranging from spring, fall to winter and has a style that is unique, pompous as well as absolutely functional. Each line or layer of the cloth carries a purpose and that is why; purposeful fashion can be the right phrase for Chanel clothing. This timeless brand was launched with lot of gusto, and its oomph recreates itself with every passing year. Perhaps, this is the reason Chanel is a respected name in luxury clothing labels and continues to be on the bucket list of fashion lovers.

Chanel deals in Blouses and tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, pullovers and each of the items is style unleashed. There is something peculiar whether it is look or its fitting, or its color combination that sets it apart from other labels and the user need not scream ‘it is Chanel’ to let know the world; the finesse of style of Chanel clothes speak for themselves. Chanel is for women; it embodies the essence of women and makes her look great no matter what mood or weather she is in.

Some of the nicest offerings from this signature brand have managed to hit the highest standards of quality and uniqueness, all because of the paramount quality of fabric that the label uses. Tweeds are made in opulent combination of silk and wool, finest cotton etc.; lambskin is another favorite of this brand. Chanel always has something unique and classy to offer, it certainly is ‘Classy and Fabulous’- the way its founder saw the girls.


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