Versace Review


Versace is a movement more than a luxury fashion label. This iconic fashion brand was established in 1978, when a young mind all of 31 years of age, called Gianni Versace launched his clothing line in Milan, Italy and the world could sense that the definition of fashion is about to go through a makeover. The brand with its impeccable quality and unleashed dose of imagination in designs came forth with a wide range of statement making clothes that the fashion circuits were spellbound with their raw appeal and refined finish.

The popularity of this brand at that time can be understood by the list of magnanimous personalities who appeared in the regular client list of this luxury clothing brand – Madonna, Princess Diana, Elton John, Tina Turner – the list is endless, as well as mind-blowing too; such was the impact and furore that this label was able to create among fashion rulers. The trend continues till date and the label is seen among selected elitists few who have great sense of styling and unconditional love for quality luxury fashion clothing.

Versace is certainly style unleashed; the way it makes the choice of colors and combines it to create eye-smacking clothing is purely sensational. Right from tees and jeans, cardigans and pullovers to complete Loungewear range, this brand gives a tasteful twist to each cloth that it manufactures and what emerges out of the unconventional thinking of designers is an outrageous statement maker that is splashed with colors and trims – carefree yet very clean.

Versace label has expanded its horizon looking at the passion of people for getting a complete look that makes them a diva, from top to bottom, and thus, offers a complete range of shoes, handbags, belts, sunglasses and all that the clients need to exhibit great taste in styling. Thus, when you step into a Versace store, you get a whole entourage of dresses and accessories and what you come out with is a complete look rather than a single piece of clothing.

The brand is known for ostentatious use of colors. Clients who love to use flashy colors, outrageous color combinations and heavy prints in clothing prefer this label that uses colors splendidly. The beauty lies in the fact that each color is highlighted uniquely to create clothes that are more like a mosaic of patterns. To sum up, Versace can be considered the best label for every mood and occasion and offers quality and style wrapped in single line.


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