8 Luxury Jewelry Items For the Man in Your Life


For many men, jewelry has always been inaccessible in a way. Apart from a watch and a wedding ring, many men don’t really wear any jewelry. There are, however, many jewelry items that any man can wear with confidence. Today we will be taking a look at 8 luxury jewelry items that every man needs.


A watch is a must-have accessory that every man should have. And no, your Samsung gear or Apple watch is not jewelry. You need a dress or an aviation watch as an accessory to compliment your outfit and showcase your personal style. Of course, you can check your time on your phone, but when you have a watch, you automatically seem accomplished and self-assured.


Even if you are not married, you can’t go wrong with wearing a manly ring on your right hand’s ring finger. There is an entire array of smart rings available that you can wear. Black or silver rings work exceptionally well as an accessory in a formal or smart-casual environment. If you are married and you have to work with heavy machinery, a stylish ring made from rubber may be safer to wear. Don’t overdo it with the rings, especially when you are in a working environment. Wearing a ring on every finger can be distracting and keep you from doing your job properly.


Cufflinks is a formal and semi-formal alternative to buttons. If you are wearing a suit or a blazer with a tie, you only need links at the cuffs. There are many interesting designs that you can use in a formal setting, but if you choose a way-out design, it is important not to overdo it elsewhere in your outfit. Cufflinks show sophistication and add visual interest to your wrists. The style of the cufflinks can also compliment your watch and ring.


A pendant can be a nice addition to your attire, especially if you are wearing a well-fitting t-shirt or dress-shirt. When you are wearing a dress shirt or if you find yourself in a formal setting, make sure that your pendant is tucked behind your shirt. The chain can add some interest to the back of your neck. Check out real jewelry from Itshot to find the perfect pendant for you.


Just like other items of clothing or jewelry, the bracelet you wear should depend on your setting. In an informal setting, a fabric or leather bracelet will go well with your t-shirt. In a formal setting, go for silver or gold, depending on your attire. Gold may work better with brown shoes and belt, where silver will be better with black.


If you can pull this look off, earrings can be a solid addition to your look. As far as earrings go, err on the side of subtlety. Your studs should also be appropriate for your setting. In most environments, studs made from precious metals will work perfectly.

Tie Clips

Tie clips are excellent items as gifts. A tie clip secures you tie to your shirt and keeps it from flapping around. A simple silver bar tie clip can make a massive difference to a man’s outfit. This is because it adds a metallic interest to the material and creates some personality and interest.

Belt Buckle

Belt buckles can also be viewed as accessories. If the rest of your outfit looks pulled together and simple, you may get away with an interesting design. In most cases, it is preferable to stick with a stylish, yet simple belt buckle design. If you are wearing a jean with a nice dress shirt, go nuts.


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