Corporate Gifting Etiquettes


Gift-giving can conjure positive memories, the anticipation of finding the perfect gift, and the satisfaction of knowing your thoughtfulness would make someone happy. However, the etiquette for corporate gifting is quite different from personal gifting. When it’s time to show clients, suppliers and employees your gratitude, you must remember what is considered appropriate in the business world – and that may not include funny gifts or personal items. A basic thumb rule is to use common sense. Your credibility for company is at stake. Although following the corporate gifting protocol, it is not always easy to come up with the perfect present. We have prepared the following tips that will lead you to a gift that is acceptable, appreciated and remembered in the corporate world.

  1. Follow the Corporate Guidelines

Many companies have strict policies about what kinds of gifts their employees may accept. Check with your clients or consult with department of Human Resources if you have any concerns.

  1. Consider the interests of your client & employees

Just as you want your business to stand out, make your gift stand out too. Find out what your clients like for sports, hobbies and pastimes. A safe alternative would be a healthy sweets gift like those Bateel offers.

  1. Think twice about a funny gift

Sometimes even an innocent gift can be misunderstood as what may seem funny to one person could be insulting to another. It is best to opt for such humorous gifts only when you truly know your client’s sense of humour.

  1. Contemplate the cost

An inexpensive gift might make you look cheap, whereas an expensive one may look like a splurge. In some cases, it may be contrary to company policy to give or receive expensive items. Do your homework.

  1. Consider adding company branding

By subtly adding your company’s logo on the gift, you ensure that the client remembers your company each time he/she uses the gift. Make sure this logo complies with a certain standard so as to not look like a blatant advertisement.

  1. Presentation is key

The decoration holds similar important as the gift itself. Wrap and present your gift in a festive way as it builds up the anticipation of opening the elegant package. Add a handwritten note to make the recipient feel special.

  1. Plan ahead of time

If you have a multicultural list of people to buy for, then plan way ahead of time. Beginning early means you have a better chance of finding what you want in stock and preventing rush charges.


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