Tips to Dress Stylishly for a Rummy Party


Rummy parties are often held in clubs as well as in big households. While there is no specific rule that governs how one should dress for a rummy party, we can definitely tell you how to dress to suit the occasion perfectly. The rummy party dressing tips for men and women differ. Here we have listed down these tips separately for you to consider:

Rummy Party Dressing Tips for Women

Women enjoy dressing for special occasions such as a rummy party. Since the fairer sex is usually more fashion conscious, they have more choices when it comes to dressing for such occasions.

The Dress

A woman heading to a rummy party should make sure she selects a dress that is comfortable for her. This is important because only then can she give undivided attention to her game. The best pick would be a plain formal gown or one-piece that is elegant and yet comfortable for the occasion. Plain colour dresses look good for casual parties.

The Jewellery

While it is best to keep the attire simple for rummy parties, you may still choose jewellery that flaunts your love for card games. There are countless modern jewellery options available online such as playing card bracelet, playing card rings, playing card earrings and playing card watches. These are ideal jewellery pieces to wear to a rummy party. People present in the party will surely appreciate your finer choices.

The Accessories

Women are also wise with their choice of accessories while dressing for occasions like rummy parties. They have multiple options such as card game themed pouches and purses, interesting card shaped key chains and card designed elegant hand bags. You may choose any of these while you head for a rummy tournament or rummy party.

Rummy Party Dressing Tips for Men

Men are slightly more snobbish and their choice when it comes to outfits and attires is much different than women. They are either too childish and churlish in their choices further highlighting the sporty attitude or are too formal to even give a hint of the informal ambience. Here are some simple party dressing tips for avid rummy game lovers.

The Outfit

There are many funky card game t-shirts available online. You may pick any of these to dress for an informal rummy gathering. Another option is to choose t-shirts with rummy quotes on them. These will also look sporty and befitting the occasion.

The Accessories

Men who are invited to formal rummy gatherings can’t afford to choose any of the above dressing options. So, they need to show their love for card games and particularly for the game of rummy through other means. That is why a playing card design necktie can be an ideal pick against your formal white shirt for such an occasion. You may also select some of the informal playing card cufflinks. They look classy, sporty and yet maintain the formal look.

Men who enjoy sporting unique accessories may even choose to wear a playing card bracelet. Another accessory to go with the occasion is a playing card tattoo that is visible.


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