Trustly – A Payment Option You Can Trust


With the proliferation of online gambling throughout the world, fast, easy and secure payment options are in high demand. We live in a world where the criminal element is seeking to gain access to our personal information and pocketbooks. We are fast becoming aware of the risks that come with trying to move funds from one place to the next. The Trustly Group offers a first-class payment solution, the kind that online gamblers can depend on.

About the Trustly Group

It was only 10 short years ago that a group of entrepreneurs in Sweden took a look at the limited number of solid payment options from which European consumers had to choose. Most payment processing companies were demanding big fees for inferior services. Sensing there was a great opportunity to bring a luxury option to the marketplace, Trustly began offering such services in 2008. Throughout the years, this Swedish based company has put forth maximum effort to stay current with its technology in an effort to reach the broadest base of customers possible. The company truly believes that the money being moved belongs to the customer at every point during a transaction. With this in mind, the company’s software developers have designed a cash payment platform that is fast and efficient at prices that are affordable. Trustly currently operates under the regulations set forth by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Trustly – The Right Payment Option for Online Gambling Enthusiasts

For years, credit cards were the only way gamblers could fund their wagering accounts. The process was expensive, and gamblers were left having to pay the charges back at a later time. In recent times, e-wallet options have gained in popularity. Most of the top online casinos and sports books now offer a wider range of payment options for the convenience of its customers.

It’s not by accident that Trustly is popping up all over the world as a viable cash movement option for online gamblers. In fact, Trustly can be found as a primary payment option on many of the online casino websites powered by NetEnt. That’s quite an honor given NetEnt’s status as one of the online gaming industry’s top software providers.

Using the highest encryption technology available, Trustly simply acts as a conduit from the customer’s bank account to one of many Trustly casinos. Customers are not required to signup for the service or provide any personal information. All a customer has to do is click on the Trustly logo, provide the bank name and country of origin and wait for a banking code. Once the bank code is given to the customer, they can complete the transaction. The code is a “one time” use code, which makes it very secure and efficient. Immediately, Trustly puts money into the customer’s wagering account and submits a request for funding from the customer’s bank.

It’s just that easy. That’s why more customers are using Trustly every day. Currently, the company processes millions of transactions every month, making it one of the top payment options in Europe.


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