Your go-to 4 Must-Have Shirts


All of us at some point aspire to have that perfect wardrobe that has just about every piece of clothing that is not just trendy but carries your essence and meets all your needs.

At Vitruvien, we say nothing is impossible …we also say keep it simple.

Having that perfect wardrobe isn’t really a cumbersome task if you were to approach it simply…so we decided to break it down for you.

Before we dive into your 4 must have shirts, let’s take a step back and begin with –

  1. 2 must have styles: make sure your wardrobe is equipped with both casual shirts and formal dress shirts.
  2. 3 must have types: solid, checks and stripes …with floral or digital as a add -on
  3. 2 must have fabrics – cotton, linen
  4. 3must have colours – white, black, navy blue
  5. GO CUSTOM – perfect, slim-fitted shirts that are custom made.

With that done… let’s talk about your 4 dress shirts.

The Blue Oxford – A perfect dress shirt that can be tailored to suit any formal occasion … due to its versatility you also get the option to change it up a little …. switching to casual mode. Wear it as a button down, round bottom shirt tucked out with a pair of chinos… or with rolled-up sleeves tucked into a pair of khaki shorts and espadrilles for a lazy brunch.

The White French Cuff-Shirt –Slim-fitted custom shirts perfect for a very business formal look, an evening gala with a tux, a black-tie event or a wedding. Accessorise with smart gold cufflink and silk slim-ties.

You can also throw in a classic white poplin or twill shirt

Patterned Dress Shirts – These are staples to any wardrobes.  We recommend sticking to classics like Tattersall, Gingham and Tartan. 

Striped Dress Shirts with a twist – Yes in addition to having the conventional striped shirt, also opt for contrasting wide spread-collared shirts with stripes. Perfect for a formal look.

With these points in mind, your wardrobe is complete and ready to tackle any event – surprise or no surprise.


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