Should You Travel South For The Winter?

Should You Travel South For The Winter?

Migrating south for the winter months is something that even the most primal animals tend to do. So, why don’t we? Many people do their own houses in the south for the wintertime, but most of them all have the same reason in mind. They hate the cold.

Even the animals migrate south for the winter to avoid the cold weather. The southern states are not just a shield or a getaway from the cold weather up north. Even though this is a great reason to want to move, there is so much more than the south offers in the winter seasons.


Florida is a beautiful place to vacation during the summer months, but have you ever been to Florida in the summer? It is incredibly humid, and it rains every single day. After it rains, it is so hot that all the rain evaporates by the next morning.

But, winters in Florida are like spring in the northern states. It is a great mild temperature with a couple of days of rain, and it is always sunny. Plus, there are some great Fort Lauderdale houses for sale that would make great summer homes for you and your family to visit. Plus, Fort Lauderdale is a gorgeous place to move to.

Real Estate

If you are interested in buying or selling a home at all, the winter is the time of year to do it. The south has many people trying to get rid of houses, and when winter comes around, they lower prices, close deals faster, and there is less competition between buyers.

Not to mention how slow real estate is during these months, so your real estate agent should be more than attentive. Most importantly, you get to see if moving down south during the winter months was worth the investment.

Property Ownership

Owning property in more than one location is an educated investment to make. The land will always continue to make money as the market fluctuates, so having two separate homes in two different areas is smart.

The chances that you make money on your initial investment are high, especially if you bought your house during the winter. This way, you got your home at a lower price, and when you sell, you have made money.

To summarize, deciding to move down south is no small task. The weather is a significant factor in making this decision. If you are a person who likes the cold, why not move?

Animals, like geese and other birds, are apt to move south because of the conditions that they need to survive and feel comfortable. The same goes for you. If you are uncomfortable for 25% of the year, you will be less happy as a person. Don’t spend 25% of your time being unhappy.


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