What Your Phone Case Says About You

What Your Phone Case Says About You

These days everyone has a smartphone.  Whether it be the latest iPhone, Galaxy, or Samsung Note, people perform even the most basic of everyday activities phone in hand.

Since phones have become one of the most important things in our daily lives, it makes sense that dressing them up in with a phone case has not only become a necessity for protecting out expensive devices, but a fashion statement as well.

In fact, people take care to pick and choose their smartphone case almost as carefully as they choose their everyday outfits, handbags, and accessories.

So, do you know what you phone case says about you?

If you are curious to know what your phone case says about you, keep reading.  We have all the juicy insight into what kind of statement your phone is making about your personality.

1. Black and White

Perhaps this is how you see the world.  Or, perhaps you are just a simple person that wants to stay trendy, no matter the current trend.  Regardless, if your phone case is a solid, neutral color, such as black or white, you are the opposite of an attention seeker.

  • Serious, corporate business type
  • No hassle, get the job done kind of person
  • Comfortable in your own skin

2. Personalized

Opposite of what the black and white phone case holders are, you seek, and love, all the attention you can get.  But not in a fashionista kind of way that shows you know what is trending these days.  Rather, in a look at how happy I am kind of way.

What Your Phone Case Says About You

Chances are if you have a personalized phone case with pictures of yourself, family, or friends on the outside, there are sure to be just as many pictures on the inside as well.

  • Independent and fiercely protective
  • Ego-centric
  • Proud, accomplished, and love to show it

3. Super Blingy

What Your Phone Case Says About You

If your phone case is dressed to the nine, (just like you are every day) chances are your phone case matches.  In fact, you probably change your phone case often, having many different kinds to match your mood, outfit, or occasion.

  • Conservative on the inside
  • Feminine, glamorous, and beautiful
  • Extroverted

4. Branded

If your phone case is branded, especially with high-end designer logos, emblems, or images, such as the Black Monkey Brothers iPhone 7 case by Givenchy, you are an impressive trendsetter that stays loyal to the brand you represent.

What Your Phone Case Says About You

Like the bling phone case lover, you typically have multiple cases on hand, all made by the same designer.

  • Business-like, serious, and trendy all in one
  • Follower of the latest fashion trends
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

5. The Wallet Case

Utilizing your phone case as more than just a protector of your phone makes you the responsible one.  You never go anywhere without any spare cash on hand, always have proper identification, and rarely get in trouble because well, you are always prepared.

What Your Phone Case Says About You

And, let’s not forget the phone cases that are so big, not only do they serve as your wallet, but as your purse as well, complete with handle strap making it easier to carry.   Let’s just say, you are not known amongst your group of friends as the “carry on” type when you travel cross-country.

  • Ultra-conservative and safe
  • Over-achiever
  • Extreme multitasker

6. The Naked Phone

Those that go sans phone case are either the most brazen of them all, or the most foolish.  Regardless, the naked phones are worth mentioning.  Perhaps getting a phone case is on your to-do list.  Maybe you like to live on the edge and don’t want to pay any more than you have to when it comes to your smartphone.

No matter what your personality, let’s just hope you took out an insurance policy on that thing.

  • Minimal and selective
  • Scatter brained or forgetful
  • Life’s motto is YOLO

In the end, your phone case is more than just a protective cover for your mobile device.  It is an extension of your fashion sense and may even provide insight into your personality.  What do you think?


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